MidFlower Face Mask Website Goes for Revamp, E-Commerce Store Coming Soon

MidFlower Face Mask Website Goes for Revamp,
E-Commerce Store Coming Soon

The famous rose and flower based facial mask website will be launched to introduce a new line of zero preservative facial masks.

(June 21, 2019) –
For preserving the delicate beauty of a woman’s face, roses are the ultimate ingredients for making face masks, as the pioneer of skincare business, Mr. Ou discovered. His fresh and organic approach led to the creation of MidFlower, which is now pleased to announce the launch of its refurbished website, The new website will be focused on the newly launched, zero preservative facial mask series, and will be followed by the launch of a unique e-commerce store this August.

Midflower has introduced a new facial mask line of products that are completely free from all preservatives. The mask sheets are ultra thin, and allow the fresh flower ingredients to work their magic.

The Bio-cellulose Peel Mask is a one-of-its-kind mask, as it contains only one ingredient! The peel-off mask binds to dead cells and brings out fresh skin from underneath. The Binchotan Mask offers an extra boost for clearer skin with the help of Bichotan charcoal, which removes dirt and oil to create a clear complexion. The Bulgarian Rose Water Mask offers the health and radiance of Bulgarian roses to bring back the glow. The Hyaluronic Acid Mask gives user a youthful and hydrated skin.

Masks by MidFlower are made with pure flower water, and allow the skin to radiate a new charm and luminance. MidFlower is a foremost leader in the global mask industry, offering unconventional styles for over half a century. The biotechnology company has an international R&D team, high tech labs and strict quality control. The research areas include immunology, dermatology, cosmetic raw materials science, formula synthesis, etc.

The history of how Mr. Ou stumbled upon roses and flowers as the ideal ingredients to make face masks is worthy of note. As part of the skincare business, Mr. Ou was researching face masks, and found that 70% of the mask constitution was water. He then went on a search to find the best water ingredients, and arrived in Bulgaria. Upon learning that rose in Bulgaria had a long history of association with beauty, healing and love, and that rose aroma was considered therapeutic, he brought back the rose water to create the now famous rose water facial mask.


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